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50+ RV MUST HAVES - enjoy your trip!


We have tried many products to affordably meet our needs in a small space with weight restrictions.  We have had many recommended to us and wanted to pass the best along to you! 

Our Favorite Spots

Hords Creek Lake.  One of our favorite sites due to the large spacious camp sites.

RV Camping and Organization are our passion.  Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always looking for people  who are also enjoying their your life in the great outdoors! We're excited to have you join the excursion!

Mark and Debbie

Mark and Debbie

We are weekend RVers with full time jobs.  We are grandparents and animal therapy partners with our Golden Retrievers.  We believe in leaving as little a footprint where we stay as we can.  

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rv must haves - exterior

Camping Step Rug

These rugs are adjustable and fit almost any steps.  They can be trimmed to get an exact fit.  Our dogs love them so much more than the metal steps.  I love that they leave most of the dirt and dog hair outside.

Weber Q2200 Grill

I  can't take credit for finding this one.  It was recommended to us a LOT.  You will love it too!

Door Bar

This is another one of those things you don't know how you got along without.  Keep you from pushing on the screen door and tweaking it accidentally.

Valterra bug screens

No one wants to have wasps or bees get into their motorhome or trailer.  These screens are designed to fit , perfect!

Winegard PA-6002

We can't wait to add this baby to our rig along with the tripod.  The ratings have been off the chart when compared to the other satellites and this one is portable with makes it easier if you like to park under trees.

Satellite Tripod

Above is the tripod for the Winegard satellite we will buy soon!

RV MUST HAVES - interior #1

Gorilla Grip shelf liner

Gorilla Grip shelf liner will keep ANYTHING in place during your travels.  We use it under items we want to stay & in between items for more cushioning.  Another RV MUST HAVE.

MDesign Clear Acrylic Storage

 MDesign clear acrylic storage containers come in EVERY imaginable size and shape.  These are an RV MUST HAVE in our opinion.  They have handle cutouts and travel in and out of the RV to transport food.

Command Caddies

These RV MUST HAVE caddies are GREAT for putting next to the door for flashlights, keys, doggie poop bags, whatever you need as going out the door.  We have them everywhere.  Even in the kitchen to hold salt & pepper next to the stove or even in the bathroom.  Gotta have these!

STORI clear Plastic Organizers

Another RV MUST HAVE  item is the clear acrylic organizers for drawers and your medicine cabinet.  These are clear, look really clean and match any decor and you can see from the outside what is in them prior to pulling them out.  We used them for our silverware since our drawers were really small and odd sized.

Kitchen Sink Soap & Sponge Organizer

This item was one I just wanted.  It looks so clean and always keeps my sponge dry and we always know where it is.  Bought one for home too.

ZERO Jet Lag SLIM Hamper

It is SO hard to find functional items that fit in tight spaces!  So when I found this RV MUST HAVE, I jumped on it.  You can see easily how full it is, and it has a pull tab and wheels for ease in taking the laundry to be cleaned.  

rv must haves - interior #2

Alonea Shoe Shelf Stand

These were a real find!  You can mount these anywhere near the door so shoes can be removed upon entering, but stay easily accessible.  RV MUST HAVE!

Simple Housewares Organizer Slim

Another RV MUST HAVE to make more usable storage room in the closet.  You can use it for shoes or like us, fold clothes and store them in the cubbies.  

Simple Housewares Over Door Organizer

RV MUST HAVE!!   I had tried the over the door shoe organizer for clothes, but there just wasn't enough to get men's shirts and shorts in.  I found this and problem solved!!!  My husbands clothes all fit in here and he can see them easily.

Prodyne Paper Towel Holder

This is a real RV MUST HAVE!  I saw this on many web sites but had trouble finding it for sale.  We mounted ours vertically next to the sink and it takes up almost no room.  You can mount it under cabinets or on walls.  Very versatile and attractive.

InterDesign Classico Toilet Paper Holder

We needed a simply un-fussy toilet paper holder that took up little room and also held paper storage.  This one has been perfect!

Zippo Igniter

This RV MUST HAVE igniter holds quite a bit of fuel and is refillable.  It seemed like the ones you use and throw away were always running out of fuel at bad times.  This one we can refill at any time and go again.

rv must haves - interior #3

CleverMade Collapsible Bin

Another RV MUST HAVE, these bins really made our under dinette space useful.  They are extremely lightweight but very durable and hold quite a bit.  Love them!

Andrimax Self Adhesive Hooks

An RV MUST HAVE item for around the door.  We use them to hold coats and to hold our dog leashes right before leaving the RV.  These have proven to really hold for us and we love them!


TOTAL RV MUST HAVE!  I really need that morning cup of coffee to get me going.  Nothing better than this little mini Keurig for taking up almost no space and including room to store KCups right inside!

LED Puck Lights

A real, RV MUST HAVE, are puck lights.  We put them in storage compartments, the control panel cabinet, under the ridge of the dash of the truck for reading park maps without blinding the driver.  We also use them in the trailer so we can see without having to turn on full power if we are loading.

MDesign wall mount letter/key holder

Okay, this is one of those little things I wanted because it matched our interior and I thought it was cute.  I didn't realize it would turn out to be so handy near our door to store Park Maps and keys

Over the door towel holder

This little towel holder is exandable to fit any cabinet door or full door.  We use it in the kitchen to hold kitchen towels.  One slot for the dry one, one for the wet one.  

RV MUST HAVES - Interior #4

Velcro Roll in 16ft Length

As everyone knows, this RV MUST HAVE can be cut to any desired length to stick anything to a wall (pictures) or stick organizers into the medicine cabinets so they don't move during transit.

VonHaus Vacuum for RV

RV MUST HAVE!  Yes, my broom worked okay, but let's face it, nothing picks up dirt like a vacuum.  This one got the best results for a compact RV Vacuum for suction and quality.

Corner Shelves

These are great if you have a corner and need more storage, (who doesn't).  You can use the velcro roll to affix it if the included adhesive isn't strong enough.

Happy Campers Organic Tank Deodorizer

I read many many reviews before selecting this RV MUST HAVE!.    This is the brand that keeps tanks unscented even when boon docking in hot weather.  We love it!

More Coming Soon!

Please let us know about products you love!

More Coming Soon!

Searching for more fantastic products!


Arcshell Walkie Talkies

You really need these especially if you are ever in an area without cell service.  Communication between driver and spotter is critical!

EverBrite 2 pack Headlamps

We love these, they give you hands free operation of anything while illuminating the area.

Amazing flashlights!

These flashlights are amazing for the amount of light they give off and how long the charge lasts.  We wouldn't be without them!

LevelMate Pro

We have tried it all for leveling.  Sure, a big level carried in the truck works, but if you are parking in a hurry, there is NOTHING like the speedy results and corrections this system allows you!  We love it!

Arthritic Knees Love This!

Our arthritis limits our mobility, but these thick knee pads make quick access under the trailer when leveling.  Your knees will thank you!

Stabilizer Jack Pads

We found that in certain parks, our "lego" levelers were too tall under the front stabilizers.  These still keep you out of the mud or dirt, but are lower and easily stored.  We love them when we need them.

rv must haves park & level #2

Camco Levelers "Legos"

Everyone lovingly calls these "legos".  You can put them together in any needed configuration and are INVALUABLE!

Camco Curved Levelers

These RV Must Haves, are a less expensive version of the much loved, Anderson Levelers.  QUICK leveling, you will be in love!

XChock to insure stability

Insure your tires aren't going anywhere while parked or parking.  These are great when you are on unstable ground or boon docking!

RV MUST HAVE Leveling socket

If you currently hand crank up and down your stabilizers, one use of this on your drill will convince you that you don't know how you lived without it!

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we are always looking for our next recommendation.

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