rv must haves - setting up camp

90 degree elbow

This will save your hoses and frustration.  Many times you can just leave this attached to your water lines.  No more kinks in the water line!

Valterra Pressure Regulator

RV MUST HAVE - water pressure can ruin your RV.  ALWAYS use a pressure regulator between you and the park's water supply.

Camco Water Filter

Camco TastePURE water filters will keep your water smelling and tasting fresh.

ZERO G water hose

RV MUST HAVE - This water hose will never kink or break.  It has saved us hours of trying to unkink and rewind our hoses.

Great Quality GLOVES

I know gloves seem like a small thing unless you are the one handling the sewer lines.  THESE GLOVES are STRONG and fit well.  You will love them!

Sewer Hose & Support

This much used RV Rhino Flex sewer hose and hose support go together but are purchased separately.  They are needed if you park where there are hookups and sometimes required.

Misc & emergencies

Swift Hitch Camera

This particular unit can be MOUNTED ANYWHERE for quick views of either your 5th wheel or towing ball up close.  Hooks up to your Phone and has a strong suction cup mount available.

Digital Tire Pressure Guage

This tire pressure gauge will pay for itself the first time you have to crawl around to try to read your tire pressure.  Quick and Easy!

Digital Laser Temp Gauge

We LOVE this and have met a number of others that do too.  Check your tire, brake, refrigerator, freezer, A/C, engine or any other temp quickly hands free.

LED Emergency Flashers

These digital flashers are really bright and sure to make your location evident.  No fires to worry about either.  Comes with a case.

Glass Breaker & Seatbelt Cutter

This has been shown by police and firefighters to be necessary in any vehicle in case of emergency!

Pepper Spray

This can be a life saver if you encounter a wild animal, aggressive dog or human who means you harm.  Stay Safe!

rv must haves - pet comfort

Truck Back Seat Bridge

We have 2 large Golden Retrievers and needed to make room for them to be comfortable on our camping trips.  This inflates quickly and holds their weight well.

Pet Bowl - non spill

While every bowl can spill of rocked and knocked enough, this one really takes a lot to get the water out.  Holds water well and makes sure your dog can always get a drink.

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We do almost anything to make our furry kids more comfortable.

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